Monday, 6 December 2010

Lingerie Buying Guide - For Men

Ok, let's admit it; buying cheap lingerie for a woman is both difficult and embarrassing. It is obviously worth the effort with the rewards you reap, however get it wrong and it won't be only your pride damaged, it will be your manhood too!

As a retailer of lingerie, I see, day in and day out, the mistakes that go through the till when men attempt to purchase lingerie for the opposite sex. I also see the quivering wrecks, holding their hands up and cupping 2 imaginary breasts in order to portray their girlfriends cup size, and the jittery idiots randomly questioning the prettiest sale assistant in the shop what underwear she wears before realising it sounds like a cheesy chat up line. So, in order to save embarrassing moments prior to Christmas, and to keep your pride in tact on Christmas morning I have compiled this, hopefully, useful guide. So, here goes... oh and remember, no-one thinks you're buying lingerie to wear it yourself, you are just being paranoid.

Firstly, know what it is she likes. Never buy what you think she should wear (unless of course you have similar tastes, which is a bit worrying). More often than not what men like women to wear in terms of sexy lingerie is on Katie Price 's floor rather than in your girlfriends underwear drawer. So, buy her what she likes. You can do this by checking her drawers. No, not her knickers (any excuse! tut tut), her underwear drawers see what's in them. Look at the materials; are they stretchy so that they fit tightly? Or does she prefer looser and lighter fabrics like satin? Check the colours; does she like vibrant colours or girly pink? Try to stay clear of red unless she is a red-fanatic otherwise you will be the one wearing it on Christmas day! Black is always a good colour, it is stylish and safe. Now check what garments she wears, does she wear bra and knicker sets? If so, do her bra's have padding or do they have wire under the cups (the bit that covers her boobs)? Does she wear knickers or thongs? Stockings or tights? Nighties? Corsets?

Once you have decided what garments she will like, in what colours and of which materials, you will need to know her size. Underwear varies in size so check a few of the same items to get a clearer idea of what size she is. Sometimes rather than getting all wrapped up in bust measurements and cup sizes, hence the hands cupping the imaginary boobs in order to display her size, go with a garment that doesn't have cups to consider. Babydoll nighties are always a winner. They are girly yet sophisticated, forgiving in all the right places, yet sexy too. Babydolls tend to have a small flair skirt at the bottom and usually finish above the knee. These are best suited to ladies size 6, 8, 10 and 12. Chemises are also a good and safe choice. Chemises fit a little tighter and have no flair at the bottom. These are suited to women of any shape and size as they are generally very flattering, especially in black.

Ok, once you know what garments she likes, in which materials, colours and in what sizes you are ready to commence your shopping experience. Hopefully by getting this far we have bypassed all of the potential embarrassing moments and you can give yourself a pat on the back for not getting caught with her knickers on your head checking for size!

Unless you particularly enjoy shopping for underwear, I would suggest staying out of the stores. Omit that chance of getting caught by your best mates when you enter a store full of skinny clad mannequins in opencup bras which I'm sure your eyes will automatically be drawn to. There are plenty of good lingerie websites on the internet now with free delivery, money back guarantees which offer plenty of sound advice. If you don't fancy trailing through websites looking for a particular garment, Google it. Google shopping results are fantastic at finding what you want in a few seconds. Simple.

Hopefully now you have a successful recipe for finding her the perfect Christmas lingerie gift this year with as little embarrassment as possible. It will be delivered to your front door ready for you to wrap it.

Oh, last thing. Might be a minor issue but don't put her lingerie under the Christmas tree, especially if she is having Christmas with her mum and dad! Save it for the evening. She will be pleased that you have saved her an extra special present back for the evening and saved her the bad feeling of opening her sexy lingerie after her mummy mug from the cat. You never know, you may get extra brownie points for doing it! Have a very merry Christmas!

From Lucy Brown, Creator of Censory Lingerie @